I paint in oil because I love the process.  Spreading the creamy paint feels sensual as the canvas comes alive.  Oil produces crisp deep colors.  The bright colors and sharp contrasts feel cheery to me.

I am inspired by people and animals.  Music also inspires me.  Often images and colors come to mind in response to a particular song.

I admire the Impressionists and Colorists for the light and energy they capture with quick strokes of color.  I like to use different styles to portray a feeling along with an image.  Sometimes a scene lends itself to sharp reality, another one may seem more appropriate in dreamy impressions. Sometimes the color and shape just becomes abstract.  Every canvas is an adventure.

It is exciting to know that  my images are in someone's home giving them joy every day.

I have studied with Dorallen Davis, Jane Heaphy, Jove Wang, Cedric and Johnette Egeli.